While your competition is out making cold calls and trying to reach the same decision makers your employer is also pushing you to land some new contacts within target accounts. You of course are being told to aim high such as the ‘C-level’ often only to be punted down to Director or VP levels. Sometimes that’s relevant to both you and your prospect and might work if you can get through via a cold call and land a meeting in the first place. You and I both know that straight cold calling into accounts usually produce dismal results. Getting a prospects’ attention and interest isn’t exactly easy these days, so you need every strategy available to you no matter how much of an ‘out-of-the-box’ idea it may be.

How can we develop new creative ways into a meeting or introduction to a target C-level executive by potentially providing value and/or challenging our prospect?

Here are some alternative methods for you to get in the door or get noticed that have worked for other sales departments:

Interview Your Target Prospects for Your Company Blog or Publication

Does your company have a blog or a website? The interviewer (you or a marketing employee) can ask the target contact whether she feels new technologies or trends will affect their business and how they might make an impact. This can potentially be done by leveraging your marketing person if you have one, especially when you can make the introduction. When the blog post or article is published then other prospects may read it and feel that you understand their challenges -potentially opening even more doors for you!

Ask for Their Advice

This one can be tricky because you do not want to come across as a self-serving salesperson. The advice you ask has to be real. This could potentially be done by leveraging your Product Management to ask advice whether a new product, product feature or service would appeal to your target prospect. This could also be asking advice whether this new product would challenge your target prospect into a new way of thinking or doing things. The goal here is to challenge your prospect and display thought leadership (and also potentially circumvent them from going the dreaded RFP route!)


It might be a tougher one to get people to attend this type of event especially if your prospect doesn’t know you so offer a free meal.

You can you ask your target prospect(s) along with other existing customers to a breakfast, lunch or dinner forum to discuss common challenges or topics relevant to their industry. You can let them say their peace on these topics and make notes to better serve them and their industry challenges while building a relationship at the same time.

So here are three tactics you can use to plan a meeting with your target prospects while providing some value at the same time. Remember to use social media outlets like LinkedIn to see if you can get that introduction faster!


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