Let’s get you started right away with some free resources to land you some prospects fast and also maybe get your sales manager off your back!

paperbackstack_550x498How To Create Your Own Free Report.pdf

This one will take a little bit of work however. Sometimes in order to land a meeting with one of your top prospects you need to provide value first. You need to deliver something your prospect is interested in, something that your company provides that will help him with his job. And you’re going to provide it for free. If you can create your own report and give it away for free you’ll be seen as an expert in your industry, and prospects will be lining up to talk to YOU, instead of the other way around.



 7 LinkedIn Profile Tweaks.pdf

There is a method to setting up your LinkedIn profile so that it works for you to get prospects on auto-pilot. LinkedIn profiles are usually set up to be an online resume, avoid that temptation and set it up to attract your ideal prospects 24×7.