In this article I want to give you a few email subject lines that have been proven to work in getting emails opened.

In this business of sales prospecting and trying to find new clients we really need to have some expertise in the skill of creating great eMail subject lines. These are also effective alternatives to cold calling as they can help get you in the door without pestering your prospect and you get to add value at the same time by giving them some free information that entices them to want to learn more.

We already discussed in a previous article that including your prospects’ company name in the Subject Line of your emails should increase your opening rate by about 50%. Since we as prospectors are slowly becoming ‘mini-marketers’ of our own let’s take a look at what has been working for others in the discipline of email marketing. There is a difference sometimes when doing email marketing in a business-to-consumer forum, so for the purposes of this article we will stick to what works for business-to-business.

These can be used for your first communication with a new prospect. They can also be great for your own Drip Marketing/Demand Generation activities with a new prospect who isn’t ready to buy but have given you permission to stay in touch with them.

With that being said let’s go through some Subject Lines that work:

#1) Solving (Problem) for (Company Name) Once and for All

Here are some examples of this:

Solving Security Threats for ABC Inc Once and For All

Solving the Most Common Pitfalls for ABC Inc’s Acquisitions


#2) The Quickest Way to (Your Solution)

Some examples:

The Quickest Way to Cut Your Communications Costs

The Quickest Way to AsiaPac Expansion

Then you can experiment using your prospect’s company name in the title as well. So that example could look like this:

The Quickest Way to Cut ABC’s Communications Costs


#3) Your (Your Service) Questions Answered

Some Examples:

Your Foreign Taxation Questions Answered

Your Marketing Video Strategy Questions Answered

Using your prospect’s company name in the title could look like this:

ABC’s Foreign Taxation Questions Answered

Each one of these has proven effective but they will of course vary depending on your individual situation and service that you are selling. So go ahead and experiment with these. If you find one isn’t working as well as you would like then try another one. They key to being a successful prospector and mini-marketer is to keep experimenting to see what works so you have a predictable method to use regularly and will produce predictable and regular results.


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