Since LinkedIn has really become a great new field for prospecting so many salespeople have flooded it with a variety of methods to find new customers.

If you have embraced LinkedIn’s premium account services or even their basic service for doing research and prospecting work then my hat’s off to you!

Most sales executives using LinkedIn for their daily prospecting routines will be using it to look for connections within targeted companies and premium members may use InMail to reach out to targeted decision makers. The other half of getting new business is what we call being your own mini-marketer. Never before have sales executives had so many tools to add to their arsenal of marketing themselves -especially when the companies they work for are not utilizing marketing strategies to assist in their companies’ sales effort.

Sadly, most sales executives are on their own to find new business as their employers often do little to nothing effective that helps attract new prospects and build the client base. The concept of sales executives needing to become a mini-marketer is taking on an increased importance. In fact, according to research we can see that approximately 57% of sales pipelines are generated via marketing activities.(Study)

Since LinkedIn is so widely embraced then we as sales executives should consider the leverage that the LinkedIn news feed provides. Here are two concepts to adhere to in order to get your LinkedIn news feed or publishing platform content noticed, read and most importantly -acted on!

1) Add content that sparks discussion, not a selling effort.

Too many sales executives will try to add some content to LinkedIn’s news feed that regurgitates someone else’s content. It’s easy to fire off a link about an industry trend or the latest news that’s relevant to you and your customers. This will get you seen in the news feed but gives little incentive for readers to act on. What you need to do here is put your own spin on the article you found. Ask people what they think, add in your own opinions and try to get a discussion started. People love to be asked a question and add in their own comments. This strategy will yield so many more responses than just firing off a link. (Study)

2) Create your own content!

Can you write? It might be a fantastic skill to pick up as writing your own content goes a lot farther than cut/pasting someone else’s link. While finding others’ information can be valuable do not discount creating your own. Can you create your own survey, report or white paper? Do you see any topics that are top of mind with your prospects and existing customers that your industry has so far failed to address? What gap can you bridge that will create value for your prospects and customers?

You can also download my free guide on how to create your own report to get you started in this endeavor. It might take a bit of time and effort but the payoff in new customers down the road and simultaneously positioning yourself as the expert will go a long, long way.

So take a stab at it and don’t beat yourself up if you’re not happy with your own creations to start. Experiment with it. Give your own content to someone else to read for feedback to get you started!


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